Your home for art gifts of the peaks you love 

Created and designed by Cailin Henson

Made in Mt. Shasta

I love making drawings and paintings of the special mountain views or vistas that you love to climb, see from your alpine home or enjoy adventuring around.

Detailed Simplicity

Creating art that is both graphically simple, but also highly detailed and specific is my favorite way to showcase the stunning mountains that you and I adore.

Crafting Travel Keepsakes

I enjoying finding meaningful and useful gifts or mementos when I travel, but it can be hard to find items that are both beautiful and functional. I try to create products with both of these special features.

Want a unique design for your retail shop?

Welcome outdoorsy friends!

I’m Cailin Henson, an artist from Mt. Shasta, California. I illustrate and engrave glassware, leatherette patch hats, ornaments, press mugs, and hand craft fine silver and bronze jewelry all in my art studio. I also draw and design tea towels, beanies, t-shirts, stickers and more.

I hope you’ll find something to love in my shop Alpenglow Manor!